Weekday Classes

The academy offers a variety of weekday classes, from a variety of local instructors. Students of all levels can begin, continue and improve their skills as performers!


5:30 PM DANCE FUNdamentals with Alexander the Great – Learn the dance steps that make magic on the stage! This class is great for beginners and pros alike! Feeling like learning ballet, a little bit of jazz, maybe even some tap today? This is the perfect class for you!

6:40 PM – All Level JAZZ with Alexander the Great – Learn the dance form that started it all here in America! All level jazz teaches you the building blocks of all modern dance forms, from Broadway, to the Silver Screen, to MTV!

7:50 Body Beautiful with Jinxy Deviate, is the Cultural History and Workshop of Voguing and Tutting. Bring comfortable shoes you can move in, and knee pads.


5:30 Bombastic Burlesque with Coco Lectric – Are you ready to get sexy and sassy? We’re going to explore our fun and fierce side to sassy pop music to sexy blues. Wear clothing and shoes that you can dance in. Naked feet are welcome. All levels welcome!

Photo by SteveDeMent

6:40 Burlesque 101 with Coco Lectric – Flirt with the essential building blocks of burlesque and pursue the art of the tease. We’ll cover classic showgirl postures and poses, walks and struts of the stage, simple turns and transitions along with those essential moves; bumps, grinds and shimmies. We’ll play with fans, boas, gloves and panel skirts, too! Shoes are optional. All level.

7:50 Chair Tease with Coco Lectric – Brings together sexy and sassy burlesque moves and classic chair movement. Learn simple stunts and attractive and innovative ways to get in and out of a chair in a dance performance. All levels welcome! Wear clothing you can stretch and dance in. No shoes are required.


Coco Lectric. Photo by James Cano

5:30 Burlesquerize with Coco Lectric – Bump and grind your way to fitness and fun with Coco! Learn burlesque moves and gain flexibility while getting a great workout! Wear clothing you and stretch and move in. We recommend athletic shoes, but wear whatever you’re comfortable working out in.

6:40 Go-Go Cardio with Coco Lectric – Get your heart rate up and break into a sweat with this super fun cardio fitness dance class! It’s a party on the dance floor every Wednesday! Athletic shoes are great!

Bobby Barnaby

Bendy Babes with Bobby Barnaby – Bendy Babes is a flexibility class focused on fitting your needs and getting you to your flexibility goals! Through the use of props, conditioning, and stretching we work on increasing our active flexibility. Wear clothing you can bend and stretch in. Shoes optional.

Students stretch during Bendy Babes, Wednesdays at 7:50PM.


7:50 PM Cheeky Contemporary (Studio B) with Isadora LaFae – Contemporary dance can be sultry and sexy. Learn the art of contemporary modern dance with a burlesque twist! Taught by UT BFA Dance graduate and professional dancer, Isadora LaFae.

7:50 Fierce and Floorwork (Studio A) with Anastasia Arsenic – Bring your sass to this class…and your knee pads! You’ll be rocking it out and rolling on the floor in this class. Heels optional. Wear clothing you can stretch and dance in. KNEE PADS REQUIRED, heels are great too.

9: 00 PM Open Studio/Workshop with Blaise Ricin – Would you like some input on your act from a pro? Sign up for our workshop and let us know what we’ll be focusing on. Space is limited. First come, first served.