Winter Semester Enrollment Now Open!


The Austin Academy of Burlesque is thrilled to present their 2017 Winter Semester. Full tuition and gift certificates for this semester include Sunday classes on November 19th, 26th, December 3rd, 10th, 17th, and January 7th. This 6 week semester culminates in an optional showcase on Tuesday, January 9th at the Vortex Theater.

Class passes are available for introductory, intermediate, advanced, Manlesque (male/male identified burlesque students semester) and continuing education semesters.

Noon-2   Introductory courses

2-3pm     Introductory workshop

3-5pm     Intermediate/advanced courses

5-6pm     Intermediate/advanced workshop

6-7pm     Continuing education workshop

7-8pm     Continuing Education courses/Manlesque courses

8-9pm     Continuing Education courses/Manlesque courses

9-10pm   Manlesque Workshop

We’re very sorry but refunds are not available.

Full Semester Schedule

November 19th

12pm Introduction to Burlesque – Coco Lectric
1pm Yass Bish! – Nikki DaVaughn
2pm Workshop
3pm Motivation and Intention in Burlesque Storytelling – Queertini Time
4pm Bombastic Classic – Coco Lectric
5pm Workshop
6pm Workshop
7pm Burlesque Basic Movement – Coco Lectric OR Chorus Choreo – Anastasia Arsenic
8pm Entrances and Across the Floor Movement – Coco Lectric
9pm Workshop

November 26th

12pm Orgins of the Bump and Grind – Coco Lectric
1pm Creativity Cultivation — Roxie Moxie
2pm Workshop
3pm Big Bad Boa — Coco Lectric
4pm Sassy Street Jazz – Anastasia Arsenic
5pm Workshop
6pm Workshop
7pm Drag History and Movement — Alexander The Great and Mad Max OR Kicks and Spins — Coco Lectric
8pm Ballet Strengthening and Stretching — Blaise
9pm Workshops

December 3rd

12pm Stockings and Gloves — Coco Lectric
1pm Lay it on the Line: Storytelling with Costuming — JD Hickcock
2pm Workshop
3pm Feather Fans and Veil Fans — Coco Lectric
4pm Basic Acrobatics and Flexibility — Ginger Snapps
5pm Workshop
6pm Workshop
7pm Burlesque v Performance Art — Coco Lectric
8pm “Masculine” Makeup & Body Alteration — Alexander and Max OR Jazzlesque — Coco Lectric
9pm Workshop

December 10th
12pm Whats in Coco’s Closet? — Coco Lectric
1pm Pastie Making and Twirling — Coco Lectric
2pm Workshop
3pm Chairwork – Coco Lectric
4pm Bootylesque — Zaftigg von BonBon
5pm Workshop
6pm Workshop
7pm Makeup — Ginger Snaps OR Acting — Coco Lectric
8pm Makeup — Ginger Snaps OR  Choreography v. Improv — Coco Lectric
9pm Workshop

December 17th

12pm Preparing for the Big Show — Coco Lectric
1pm Stockings and Gloves — Coco Lectric
2pm Workshops
3pm Props and Play — Coco Lectric
4pm Costuming — Kitty Irreverent
5pm Workshop
6pm Workshop
7pm Theatrical Movement — Alexander The Great
8pm Hats and Canes — Coco Lectric
9pm Workshop

January 7th

12pm Entrances and Exits — Coco Lectric
1pm Polish Your Act — Coco Lectric
2pm Workshop (Dress Rehearsal)
3pm Stillness and Smolder — Coco Lectric
4pm Costume Hacks — Coco Lectric
5pmWorkshop (Dress Rehearsal)
6pm Workshop (Dress Rehearsal)
7pm Improv in Burlesque — Sasha Doll
8pm Burlesque Roulette — Coco Lectric
9pm Workshop (Dress Rehearsal)