The Austin Academy of Burlesque is thrilled to present their 2018 Second Semester. This 6 week semester culminates in an optional showcase. Sunday classes are May 20th, (no class on Memorial Day weekend June 27), June 3rd, 10th, 16th (which is a Saturday, in observance of Father’s Day), June 24th and July 1st.

Class passes are available for introductory, intermediate, advanced, Manlesque (male/male identified burlesque students semester) and continuing education semesters.

Noon-2:20   Introductory courses

2:30-3:30pm     Introductory workshop

3:40-5:40pm     Intermediate/advanced courses

5:50-6:50pm     Intermediate/advanced workshop OR Ensemble Rehearsal

7-8pm     Continuing Education courses/Manlesque courses

8-9pm     Continuing Education courses/Manlesque courses

9-10pm   Manlesque Workshop

We’re very sorry but refunds are not available.

Enrollment is also available on our Mindbody app.

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May 20
12:00pm Intro to Burlesque with Coco
1:10pm Creativity Cultivation with Roxie
2:20pm Workshop
3:30pm Intermediate Movement with Coco
4:40pm Origins of the Bump and Grind with Coco
5:50pm Workshop/Ensemble with Blaise Ricin
7:00pm Advanced Movement with Coco
8:00pm Act Creation with Midge
9:00pm Workshop with Coco

May 27th

June 3
12:00pm Bumps, Grinds, and Shimmies with Coco
1:10pm Making an Act with Ruby Lamb
2:20pm Workshop
3:30pm Entrances and Exits with Ruby Lamb
4:40pm Fan Dance with Jolie
5:50pm Workshop/Ensemble with Blaise
7:00pm Singin and Strippin with Jolie OR Jazzlesque with Coco
8:00pm Cheeky Chair with Coco
9:00pm Workshop

June 10
12:00pm Motivation and Intention in Burlesque Storytelling with Queertini Time
1:10pm Bootylesque with Zaftigg
2:20pm Workshop
3:30pm Performance Engagement with Zaftigg
4:40pm Floorwork with Anastasia
5:50pm Workshop OR Ensemble with Blaise
7:00pm Big Bad Boa and Fabrics with Coco
8:00pm Hip Hop Seduction by Jinxy
9:00pm Workshop

June 16 (SATURDAY)
12:00pm Stockings and Gloves with Coco
1:10pm Beginner Boa and Fabrics
2:20pm Workshop
3:30pm Kicks and Spins with Alex
4:40pm Musicality with Coco
5:50pm Workshop or Ensemble with Blaise
7:00pm Hip Hop Chair Tease with Jinxy
8:00pm Archetype Intensive and Storyline with Coco
9:00pm Workshop

June 24
12:00pm What’s in Coco’s Closet with Coco
1:10pm Pastie Making and Twirling with Godiva Morte
2:20pm Workshop
3:30pm Bombshell Ballet with Blaise
4:40pm Stripperlesque with Coco
5:50pm Workshop
7:00pm Improv with Midge
8:00pm Floorwork and Transitions with Coco OR Clown, Please! With Bobby
9:00pm Workshop

July 1
12:00pm Cleaning up your Act with Alex
1:10pm Getting Ready for the Big Show! With Coco
2:20pm Workshop
3:30pm Props and Play with Coco
4:40pm Last minute fix:costumes with Coco
5:50pm Workshop OR Ensemble with Blaise
7:00pm Polish your act with Coco
9:00pm BURLESQUE ROULETTE (All levels welcome!)