Semester Intensive

2019 Summer Semester Registration is Open!

Jolie teaches fans

The Austin Academy of Burlesque is thrilled to present our 2019 Summer Burlesque Intensive. This 6 week semester culminates in an optional showcase.

Sunday classes begin July 21st and end on August 25th from 11:30am to 10pm.

This semester’s Student Showcase at the Vortex Theater will be on Monday, August 26th!

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This just in!!!

We’re offering an additional section for the beginners’ classes and workshop on Saturdays from 12 to 3:30! Sign up today!

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How Does It All Work?

Burlesque Intensive students meet every Sunday for 6 weeks. Each Sunday for 3 hours. Students spend 2 hours studying and training. And the third hour workshopping. The 3 hour block of study is divided by the students’ training level. The semester’s schedule is planned out and developed for each training level.

Intro/First Semester Classes meet 11:30am to 2:20pm, Workshop 2:30-3:30

Intermediate Semester Classes 3:30-5:50, Workshop & Ensemble 6-7pm

Advanced/Returning Students/Manlesque Classes 7-9, Workshop 9pm

Our Summer Schedule will be up closer to our start date but will be similar to previous intensives.




April 7th
11:30am Intro to Burlesque with Coco
1:10pm Dance Basics with Coco
2:20pm Workshop and Orientation with Coco

3:30pm Burlesque Storytelling with Queertini Time
4:40pm Dance FUNdamentals with Alexander the Great
5:50pm Workshop with Coco 

7:00pm Dance Basics with Anastasia Arsenic
8:00pm Creating an Act with Midge
9:00pm Workshop with Midge

April 14th
11:30am Origins of the Bump and Grind (part 1) with Coco
1:10pm   Costuming Workshop with Miss O 
2:20pm Workshop with Coco

3:30pm Chair Tease with Coco
4:40pm Stocking and Gloves with Coco
5:50pm Workshop with Coco, Ensemble 6:30 with Coco

7:00pm Choreography with Anastasia
8:00pm Chair Tease and Play with Coco
9:00pm Workshop with Coco

April 20th
11:30am Origins of the Bump and Grind (Part 2) with Coco 
1:10pm Intro to Boa and Fabrics with Coco
2:20pm Workshop with Coco

3:30pm Intro to Fans with Coco
4:40pm Movement History of Burlesque Dance (50s, 60s, 70s) with Coco
5:50pm Workshop and Ensemble with Coco

7:00pm Contemporary Tease with Isadora
8:00pm The Business of Burlesque with Coco
9:00pm Workshop with Coco

April 28th
11:30am Jazz with Alexander
1:10pm  Theatrical Movement with Alexander
2:20pm Workshop with Alexander

3:30pm Bootylesque with Zaftigg
4:40pm Floorwork with Zaftigg
5:50pm Workshop with Zaftigg and Ensemble with Coco

7:00pm Slow Burn with Coco
8:00pm Acting: Music with Words with Agatha
9:00pm Workshop with Coco

May 5th
11:30am Costuming with Miss O
1:10pm Pastie Making with Godiva Morte
2:20pm Workshop with Coco

3:30pm What’s in Coco’s Closet with Coco
4:40pm Costuming for Procrastinators with Coco
5:50pm Workshop and Ensemble with Coco

7:00pm  Acting: Face and Body Movement with Agatha 
8:00pm Song Mapping and Costuming Workshop with Coco
9:00pm Workshop with Coco

No class for Sunday, May 12. Happy Mother’s Day!

May 19th
11:30am Getting Ready for the Big Show with Coco
1:10pm Polish Your Act with Coco
2:20pm Dress Rehearsal with Coco

3:30pm Entrances and Exits with Coco
4:40pm Polish Your Act
5:50pm Dress Rehearsal Solo and Ensemble with Coco

7:00pm Improv with Midge
8:00pm Workshop with Coco and Midge
9:00pm BURLESQUE ROULETTE (All levels welcome!)

Monday, May 20th
8:00pm – Student Showcase at The Vortex

We’re very sorry but refunds are not available